New plans for September


New term, new beginning,

New month, new plans.

We fought for work like students struggle for their homework in August.

Listen to the summary and you will know.

Not only our sales are persevering hard work,Also our other departments are always  giving them  indispensable support!

When you are in school, you will be encouraged and rewarded if you are in a good performance.

In Bonita, there are always some gifts for you when you did good job.

Those awards are certification of which our fellows work-hard!

Those awards turned out how harder we worked.

Take it easy and follow me.

We also have our “Positive energy stars”who have outstanding performance in our company life!

You may find that she has been in the first place for several months.This spirit is worth learning for us .

We have a new challenge in September which is accumulating data,we are sure it will help us to be well prepared for the next coming peak season.

In this month, we will challenge the goals that they never reached and try to get better achievements.

we believe in ourselves that we could make a breakthrough and be successful.

I may need to say goodbye here as usual.

But today is different, a good news will be informed to everybody which another new colleague has received her first order in Bonita.

Let’s give her warm applaud and welcome !

Our Jamie finally got her first order in the last day of August and she got the gift from Bonita in September.

Although Jamie is the youngest in our family, she works hard and fight for what she wants.

That is right! There are so many excellent partners in Bonita.

I hope our fellows are filled with passion and ready to go in new September .

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