Q:What are BONITA diapers made from


BONITA diapers are made up of various components:

·  The padding inside CHIAUS diapers is made of a mixture of fluff pulp and a Super Absorbent Polymer called Polyacrylate. The Super Absorbent Polymer starts in a crystal form and is turned into a gel when wet, this combined with the fluff pulp helps to prevent diaper leakage.

·  The outer cover of the diapers use a non woven material and a polythene back

·  S-shaped Velcro

·  Guide Layer to help distribute fluid evenly through the nappy

·  Upgrade version lycra elastic waistband

·  Leakage control guards that work as a barrier to help prevent leakage

   Q:Are the colors on the inside of my babys diaper safe for my babys skin


At BONITA, all of our colors have been thoroughly reviewed by external safety and medical experts. Our colors (or pigments) are non-toxic and non-allergenic and are commonly used in consumer products, contact lenses and food packaging. Additionally, all the colors inside the diaper are embedded in the diaper material, which keeps them from rubbing off onto baby.

   Q:Are the materials safe in BONITA diapers when they come in contact with my babys skin


BONITA carefully evaluates and tests our products and the materials that go into them using well-established safety assessment methods to ensure there is no harm to baby’s skin. The diaper ingredients and materials used in BONITA diapers have been clinically tested and do not cause skin irritation or skin sensitization.BONITA diaper does not add any toxic materials or use them in our manufacturing process. Every material in a BONITA diaper meets high standards for safety and is frequently used in a number of commonly-used products. BONITA raw materials are imported from Europe.

   Q:Can you please explain the weight range guide that appears on the BONITA packs?


BONITA diapers are available in a range of sizes to suit every stage of development. Every BONITA pack features a weight range table to help parents select the most appropriate diaper for their baby. Every child is an individual so their shape, fit and size may vary. The weight range is a guide only to help parents determine the best size diaper for their child. The weight range table of BONITA diapers is as followings:

·  NB Size is available for the newborn below 5kg

·  S Size is available for the baby (3kg-6kg)

·  M Size is available for the baby (6kg-11kg)

·  L Size is available for the baby (9kg-13kg)

·  XL Size is available for the baby more than 13kg

   Q:Why has my babys diaper started to leak?


BONITA diapers are designed for Day and Night time use and have a set of specifications which are strictly followed by our Quality Team. Every child is different in shape and size, so, occasionally leakage problem may occur. Other factors, such as how often do you change diaper for your baby? Does the size fit your baby well? The amount of exercise may also affect the absorbency of the diaper. The weight range on the pack is a guide only to help Mums and Dads determine the best size diaper for their child, often moving to the next size up will stop any leakage issue.

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